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Autoscrubs provides affordable and convenient detailing services for your fleet, dealership or employees. Our team of mobile professionals are fully equipped, providing Eco-Friendly Waterless Wash options and interior detailing. We aren’t just mobile, Autoscrubs has a fixed location for dealership services in Ajax/Pickering. Our clients include Ride Share Programs, Delivery and Trucking Companies, Office Buildings, New and Used Car Dealerships.

Tradition &

Autoscrubs is composed of a team of professionals who have worked in the industry for over 10 years!.

Starting off as only a mobile detailing company, Autoscrubs acquired their shop location in the Durham Region Area after building its clientele and business relationships. We take pride and great are in the work we provide to all our clients.

Autoscrubs offers in-house dealership detailing and cleaning services. Located on Clements Rd in Pickering, we are at a convenient location for surrounding customers in the Ajax/Pickering area. We work with each new and used car dealer to create a plan and a budget that you will be happy with. We offer great bonuses such as volume discounts and free pickup/drop-off* of all vehicles which can save you money and time.

Some of our professional services include:

  • Wash, Wax and Professional Buffing
  • Interior steam cleaning and heated extractor for deep cleaning of upholstery and plastics
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning for all types of leather surfaces
  • Paint chip touch-ups
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Long Term Protective Coatings w/ Warranty
  • Remote Starters
  • Windshield repair and replacement

Please ask about our 5 year warranty, ceramic coatings! An incredibly chemically resistant product that is UV proof and protects etching from Bird Droppings, Bugs, Indusrial fallout and other hazardous chemicals. Not only does it provide incredible protection, the car will shine like new for years.

Its amazing hydrophobic ability means dirt, water and snow simply bead off or wash off much easier than traditional waes or sealants. This ability helps to prevent washed induced marring or scratching. The cost of ownership is reduced when waxing every 3-6 months is no longer required to maintain protection on the vehicle, and the paint finish looks the same as the day it came off the lot!

We provide a professional, insured, Eco-friendly, on-site detailing solution for your fleet of vehicles in the Durham Region and Greater Toronto Area. Cars to Transport Trucks, Small fleets to Large fleets, Autoscrubs has an affordable solution for you and your company. We work with each client closely to understand needs and develop a plan that works best for both parties.

When it comes to the process, our team is trained in Waterless Wash and Rinseless Wash techniques which allows us to safely and effectively clean dirt off your vehicles and provide an eco-friendly, by-law safe option.

Our exterior wash methods also provide benefits such as:

  • Less Requirement for Space
  • Wax-like protecting finish on exterior surface
  • Time saved from traditional wash methods
  • Hundreds of gallons of water saved

If you are a new, or even used car operation, we can provide a number of services that help keep the traffic flowing in your dealership and provide an amazing product that can be passed on to your customers.

Autoscrubs can also provide a full service, interior detail solution for all types of vehicles. By providing our own electricity, lighting and eco-friendly cleaning products, we can safely and effectively Detail interiors of your vehicles anytime, anywhere. Our team is trained in both exterior and interior detailing processes, which allows the flexibility of a full In/Out service at your doorstep.

Using the power of Steam, our team can quickly and effectively clean and disinfect most interior and exterior surfaces with minimal chemical usage! This provides a safer cleaning environment for both the Detailer and the end user.

Autosrubs is committed to providing a leading mobile detailing service for your business an fleets.

Services Process

Our mobile service process is very straight forward. You apply the vehicles in questions, we supply everything else! Our team of professionals is provided with Waterless/Rinseless wash, Generators and Lighting. Our all-in-one setup means we can safely attend to parked vehicles such as ride-share clients and office building locations where space or vehicle movement is limited.
We begin with a walkthrough of the vehicles, documenting major exterior surface imperfections, interiors stains or scratches, and odor. After we have completed a walkthrough of the vehicle, our team begins working starting on the outside and working our way inside. Once the cleaning process has been completed, a member of the team does a thorough walkthrough of the vehicle once again, making sure all the key areas have been attended too. The Walkthrough process before and after is essential in ensuring Autoscrubs provides a quality and professional service.
For our in-house dealership clients, the process differs from our Mobile Solutions. After receiving a call from a client requesting a detail, we book the detail into the shop for our allotted time frame, typically 3 hours for a general dealership cleaning. Our driver is then able to pick up the vehicle at the time requested and delivers at an agreed upon time.
For any of our services including PPF, Ceramic Coatings, and remote starters, we request as much notice as possible. By booking in advance, we can provide a more structured delivery time back to your dealership, and back to your customer . For New cars, we request that the PDI wash and sticker removal is left for our team to handle to help ensure a scratch free surface before coating and paint film applications.
The shop is in constant contact with owners, salesmen and shop managers. We are here to help and serve you and provide a leading professional detail solution to you and your customers!