Mobile Fleet Detailing
April 29, 2014
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Dealership Detailing

Autoscrubs offers in-house dealership detailing and cleaning services. Located on Clements Rd in Pickering, we are at a convenient location for surrounding customers in the Ajax/Pickering area. We work with each new and used car dealer to create a plan and a budget that you will be happy with. We offer great bonuses such as volume discounts and free pickup/drop-off* of all vehicles which can save you money and time. .

Working with Autoscubs will ensure a quality and consistent service that your customers will be ecstatic about!

If you are a new, or even used car operation, we can provide a number of services that help keep the traffic flowing in your dealership and provide an amazing product that can be passed on to your customers.

Some of our professional services include:

  • Wash, Wax and Professional Buffing
  • Interior steam cleaning and heated extractor for deep cleaning of upholstery and plastics
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning for all types of leather surfaces
  • Paint chip touch-ups
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Long Term Protective Coatings w/ Warranty
  • Remote Starters
  • Windshield repair and replacement

Please ask about our 5 year warranty, ceramic coatings! An incredibly chemically resistant product that is UV proof and protects etching from Bird Droppings, Bugs, Indusrial fallout and other hazardous chemicals. Not only does it provide incredible protection, the car will shine like new for years.

Its amazing hydrophobic ability means dirt, water and snow simply bead off or wash off much easier than traditional waes or sealants. This ability helps to prevent washed induced marring or scratching. The cost of ownership is reduced when waxing every 3-6 months is no longer required to maintain protection on the vehicle, and the paint finish looks the same as the day it came off the lot!